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Nominal Pipe Size

Fitting Bore I.D. for Pipe/Tube

Fitting Size

Part Length (Uninstalled) L

Installation Tool Kit

List Price

MAS-3000-CPL-P04 N/A CAD N/A 1/4 in N/A 0.56 in14.2 mm N/A P04 N/A 2.88 in73.2 mm N/A IT20/IT45 QUOTE
MAS-3000-CPL-P06 N/A CAD N/A 3/8 in N/A 0.70 in17.8 mm N/A P06 N/A 3.20 in81.3 mm N/A IT30/IT45 QUOTE
MAS-3000-CPL-P08 N/A CAD N/A 1/2 in N/A 0.87 in22.1 mm N/A P08 N/A 3.33 in84.6 mm N/A IT30/IT45 QUOTE
MAS-3000-CPL-P12 N/A CAD N/A 3/4 in N/A 1.08 in27.4 mm N/A P12 N/A 3.71 in94.2 mm N/A IT30/IT45 QUOTE
MAS-3000-CPL-P16 N/A CAD N/A 1 in N/A 1.34 in34.0 mm N/A P16 N/A 4.55 in115.6 mm N/A IT45/IT60 QUOTE
MAS-3000-CPL-P20 N/A CAD N/A 1 1/4 in N/A 1.69 in42.9 mm N/A P20 N/A 5.02 in127.5 mm N/A IT60 QUOTE
MAS-3000-CPL-P24 N/A CAD N/A 1 1/2 in N/A 1.93 in49.0 mm N/A P24 N/A 5.44 in138.2 mm N/A IT60 QUOTE
MAS-3000-CPL-P32 N/A CAD N/A 2 in N/A 2.42 in61.5 mm N/A P32 N/A 6.54 in166.1 mm N/A IT60 QUOTE
MAS-3000-CPL-P40 N/A CAD N/A 2 1/2 in N/A 2.92 in74.2 mm N/A P40 N/A 8.79 in223.3 mm N/A IT100 QUOTE
MAS-3000-CPL-P48 N/A CAD N/A 3 in N/A 3.54 in89.9 mm N/A P48 N/A 9.43 in239.5 mm N/A IT100/IT140 QUOTE
MAS-3000-CPL-P64 N/A CAD N/A 4 in N/A 4.55 in115.6 mm N/A P64 N/A 10.88 in276.4 mm N/A IT140 QUOTE
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