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93 - Tee Forged2 - Brass
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BR-TEE-FRG-T08 N/A CAD N/A 1/2 in N/A 0.64 in N/A T08 N/A 4.57 in N/A 2.270 in N/A IT20 QUOTE
BR-TEE-FRG-T10 N/A CAD N/A 5/8 in N/A 0.77 in N/A T10 N/A 5.60 in N/A 2.800 in N/A IT20 QUOTE
BR-TEE-FRG-T12 N/A CAD N/A 3/4 in N/A 0.90 in N/A T12 N/A 5.42 in N/A 2.710 in N/A IT20 QUOTE
BR-TEE-FRG-T16 N/A CAD N/A 1 in N/A 1.15 in N/A T16 N/A 6.46 in N/A 3.230 in N/A IT50 QUOTE
Unit of Measure