Unit of Measure


Nominal Tubing Size

N/A 1 to 1/2 in

Actual O.D.

N/A 1.15 to 0.64 in

Fitting Material

N/A Brass

Fitting Size

N/A T16-T08

Part Length (Uninstalled) L

N/A 4.10 in

Part Length (Installed) L

N/A 3.19 in

Fitting Type

N/A Reducing Coupling

UNSPC (19.0501)


Installation Tool Kit

N/A IT50

Qualified For Use On

N/A ASTM B819 Type K & L Tube; ASTM B88 Type K,L & M Tube


N/A CSA B51 CSA CZA 276 CSA CZA 662 CSA Z7396.1


N/A 0.26 kg0.58 lb

Piece Number

N/A 9063199

Design Pressure Rating

Type K tube

N/A 77.6 bar1126 psi

Type L tube

N/A 58.6 bar850 psi

Type M tube

N/A 40 bar580 psi

Certifications / Approvals

N/A CSA B51, CSA Z7396.1, NFPA - 99


Product Note

  • All dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change
  • Consult your authorized Lokring distributor for details and other available options
  • Safe Selection Guide

  • When selecting Lokring fittings for use in any application, total system design must be consider to ensure safe, trouble free performance.
  • Material compatibility, corrosion control or allowance, fluid velocities, fluid chemical treatment, installation, operation, maintenance and overall system safety are the responsibility of the system designer, owner and operator.